mRNA Vaccine Factories on Every Continent Are Making a Deal With CCP

There is increasing evidence that COVID-19 vaccinations are not as safe and effective as they claim. Moderna’s CEO Stephane Bancel, a COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer, flew to Davos to speak at the World Economic Forum’s 2023 elitist conference. Bancel is not only seeking a modern mRNA vaccine plant on every continent; he also wants to sell Moderna COVID and other mRNA treatments to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Reuters reported that Bancel stated Wednesday during a Davos panel that “he would love to have factories manufacturing vaccines based upon its messenger RNA technology in every continent as the U.S. prepares to construct four facilities.” I think some people made too much from the pandemic. According to BioSpace, Moderna made $18.4 Billion from COVID-19 vaccines between 2022 and 2023. The company is expected to make at most $5 billion more by 2023.

Most of the COVID-19 victims died after being vaccinated. The vaccines have been linked to serious side effects such as myocarditis or cardiac arrest. However, Moderna wants to grow, Reuters reported. Moderna plans to open factories in Australia, Canada, Britain, Australia, and Kenya. The COVID vaccines were generally not accepted by African countries. They were also skeptical about COVID-19. This is surprising considering that scientists have yet to find a connection between COVID vaccinations and COVID deaths.

Bancel doesn’t seem to want to look into a possible connection. According to Bancel, he is currently negotiating with Communist China in order to bring Moderna COVID-19 vaccinations to the country. China does not have mRNA COVID vaccines. Before the COVID vaccine controversy, mRNA technology was considered gene therapy. The CCP has been requesting COVID vaccines made in China for years. However, Bancel is reportedly considering another wave of COVID vaccines.

Bancel and Beijing have discussed factories, COVID-19 vaccinations, and other products, including cancer treatments that can also use mRNA technology. He said, “What I really want is to understand how we can help the Chinese government regarding what their healthcare needs are.”

Moderna CEO, John Moderna, hopes to travel to China in the coming year. Reuters reported that Moderna collaborated with Merck to develop an experimental mRNA vaccine against melanoma. Moderna also hopes to use the same technology for lung cancer.

What could possibly go wrong?