The Real Reason Biden Knew The ‘Border Crisis’ Would Happen All Along

The Biden Administration is doing everything wrong with how they are handling the crisis at the border. But some are starting to suggest that this is not from Biden blaming former President Trump and ‘inheriting a broken system,’ but rather intentional and dangerous.

The Biden Administration has now spent nearly $86 million on hotel rooms for housing the surge of migrants near the border, with officials noting that the numbers are expected to grow. The contracts were made with Endeavors, a nonprofit that provides housing and disaster relief services, to work with Arizona and Texas hotels who will hold around 1,200 migrants for six months. While the Trump administration used that ban for holding migrant kids in hotels last year, the practice was set aside during the pandemic.

There are now over 13,000 unaccompanied children migrants in deteriorating conditions, with reports that they are being denied shower access, rejected to call family members, and are sleeping on the concrete floor. The Biden Administration appears to be straining all of the government resources they have and bypassing COVID-19 capacity limits to house the surge of migrants. And while Biden has portrayed that he is more ‘humane and empathetic’ when talking about his immigration policies in his campaign, he is anything but. In fact, his dangerous words are what caused this crisis in the first place.

In pictures taken by the San Ysidro crossing port in Tijuana, Baja California, migrants were also seen wearing President Biden t-shirts. Former acting ICE director Tom Homan pointed this out on Fox News and slammed the administration for Biden’s words being the leading cause of the border crisis in the first place. He said they have undone all of the success of the Trump administration and unfolded this “planned operation” during his presidential campaign.

“I have never seen anybody wearing a Trump T-shirt crossing the border, but we’re certainly seeing it the other day with the Biden T-shirts. It’s Joe Biden’s words that are causing the crisis,” Homan said.

Homan also pointed out migrant children numbers since the Trump Administration leaving office, adding that the numbers were down 70% from the year prior and 50-80% depending on what month you looked at. Last month alone, the Biden Administration created a 300% increase in alien children. “When you make those types of promises you know they’re going to come. So they can’t go on national TV and say we sold out America to win an election. Joe Biden can’t say I folded to the left to get votes and gave up the security of the border,” Homan adds.

Homan said that Biden ‘sold out the country’ in order to get progressive votes and knew this surge at the border would happen. He overwhelmed the system, broke the system, and then blamed it on the Trump Administration. Homan, a Border Patrol agent since 1984, also points out that whether you love President Trump or hate him, he gave the most secure border “in my career” in almost thirty-five years.

This was the ‘open borders agenda’ Biden has talked about all along. He just didn’t tell his democratic voters that it comes with a price…but the rest of us knew that.