Why The Pandemic Led Democrats To Running Around Like Chickens With Their Heads Cut Off

Former President Donald Trump recently appeared in an interview with “The Truth with Lisa Boothe” in which he shared how he really felt about Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious diseases expert, on the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and recommendations. While he called the medical official “a nice guy,” he claims that Fauci was a “promoter more than anything else.”

One of the main issues Trump talked about was Fauci’s criticisms of Trump imposing travel restrictions on China last year. Trump had argued that without the travel ban measures “hundreds of thousands of more deaths” would’ve occurred. Fauci later acknowledged that the travel ban bought the U.S more time for pandemic preparation, but added that it did not “halt” the virus. Throughout the rest of the year, Fauci even expressed support for the measure.

Democrats even decried Trump’s travel ban as “hysterical xenophobia” during the 2020 campaign and talked about the disease impacting every nation and needing a universal plan to combat it. Of course, after Biden took office, he imposed his own travel restrictions related to coronavirus outbreaks in foreign countries. Then democratic leaders shut down their own states, even suggesting travel bans within states at one point. Talk about the definition of hypocrisy.

Trump also talked about Fauci’s flawed COVID-19 recommendations, including his early advice against masks. He previously shared with the general public that it was not necessary to wear masks, noting that this could lead to a shortage of protective equipment for health care workers. He later changed his tune and said all Americans should be wearing masks, adding that new scientific evidence of the virus has evolved but has still not provided enough evidence to link mask-wearing to coronavirus rates. The masks were primarily designed for health care workers, who were at an especially high risk of exposure.

Fauci has even distorted the level of vaccination needed for herd immunity and admitted to changing goalposts in order to fit whatever narrative the American people were ‘ready to hear.’ Trump adds in the interview that the situation would’ve worsened if he had listened to Fauci and other medical experts at the beginning of the pandemic.

“And then they went to the other extreme, like the entire country should lock up. I didn’t go for that. And you know, it just wasn’t for me. I didn’t go for that,” Trump adds.

Three states that imposed the harshest COVID-19 restrictions, Michigan, New York, and California, are now in the midst of recalling their radical left governors after ruining the livelihood and small businesses for thousands of people. It’s clear that the Democrats had no idea how to handle the pandemic and used their emotionally-charged speech to ruin the economy and put thousands of people out of work. All for a virus that has a 97-99.75% recovery rate.