The Great Uniter Divides Again

I was able to watch the “Safer American Plan” speech by Biden in Wilkes-Barre. We’re glad you were there.

After the usual name-dropping and thank-yous (it’s election time), POTUS spoke out against hate, anger, and violence and stated that people want to feel safer again. He called for funding police instead of defunding them. He called for “funding police” instead of “defunding police.” But he claimed that his plan would finance 100,000 more “accountable officers” and that that trust must be restored.

We’re sorry, but we must move on.

He borrowed from conservative talking points when it was stated that poor and disadvantaged communities wanted community policing. These plans are already in place for federal law enforcement. These plans were already in place for federal law enforcement.

He was proud of his Safer Communities Act, where he “beat NRA!” He used NRA as his first trigger phrase. Pun intended.

Biden shouted loudly that he wanted to ban assault weapons. He mentioned responsible gun owners as an example. Keep it classy, Great Uniter.

He stated that children are more likely than officers to be shot at by guns. He stated that there are mass shootings every day in America and that America is overflowing with weapons of war.

Biden let his voice rise when he spoke out about the horrors at Uvalde. Biden didn’t admit to the system’s inability to recognize the shooter as a potential threat to violence or the reckless behavior by the responders that allowed this terrible scene to unfold.

He proposed a plan to reduce crime that included after-school programs and youth jobs, drug and mental health programs, better housing, and housing to help ex-convicts reintegrate into society. He replied, “That’s because there’s money.” He said, “That’s where there is money.”

Biden should have had a plan or at least an appeal to people for unity on the issue. Biden stated that all conservatives support political violence.

Biden was careful to refer to January 6, because no political speech by Uncle Joe of Scranton would be complete without it. Name them. Please do. The world saw Sri Lankan, Iraqis, and Afghans.

Biden said to his “MAGA Republican friends”: “Don’t tell me you support law enforcement if it doesn’t condemn the sixth… FOR GOD’S SAKE WHOSE IDE ARE YES ON?” As I stated above, it was.

In no time, it was a stump speech.

Given the Democrats’ proclivity for violence and neglect, one might ask President Biden: “For God’s sake, which side do you stand on?” You probably already know the answer.