Truth Social Remains Banned From Google Play

Donald Trump was invited by Truth Social to Twitter. Although the website offers an option for pre-ordering Google Play, Android users cannot access it through Google Play.

According to The Post Millennial, Google informed Truth Social on August 19 that it had broken Alphabet policies. Google is said to be concerned about violence threats and incitements.

CNBC reports that 44% of smartphone users are Android users but are blocked from accessing Google’s app. Devin Nunes, the CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group, said that the issue is not content-driven. He stated that the issue wasn’t content-driven and that Google still has control over it. Google also said that they have clear expectations.

Trump founded Truth Social to replace Twitter. There is all manner of threats, violence, and sexual content on Twitter. Google doesn’t seem to have any issues with Twitter’s moderation. Ask any conservative user or person and they’ll tell you they have been “moderated.” It all depends on the Twitter or Google guidelines.

Rick Moran, speaking of moderation, pointed out that Google’s June search results for clinics had included links to pregnancy crisis centers. This was a move that drew ire from the left. Both Google and Yelp promised to do all they could to make sure users knew where to get abortions.

Our world is changing. To be “Google True”, something must be true