The Fight to Keep Title 42 Immigration Restrictions in Place Is Over

Joe Biden has run out the clock for Title 42, which allowed the government to restrict immigration at its border. The Supreme Court cancelled oral arguments in the suit that would have been decided by the Spring.

When the Biden administration tried to cancel Title 42 last January, several GOP border states brought the lawsuit. The Supreme Court issued an order preventing the administration’s termination of Title 42 until the court could review the case. The Biden administration has announced that the pandemic emergency would end on May 11, 2023. Title 42 will be discontinued.

The GOP states aren’t giving up. They plan to sue to extend the deadline for COVID-19’s emergency beyond May 11. They plan to file suit to extend the deadline for COVID-19 emergency beyond May 11. This is difficult considering Title 42 is an emergency measure. Without an “emergency”, it will be difficult to get the court simply to declare one.

Title 42 would end in May if it were to be. This is a time when the number of migrant encounters increases. Officials predicted that Title 42 would end in May with up to 14,000 encounters per day.

The order was not renewed by Republican states. However, the court and the administration have set a new timeline for its expiration. This is a temporary measure that the Biden administration used to stop mass migrations into the interior during a major migrant crisis, in which millions of migrants have crossed the border over the past two years.

Court records indicate that this policy was used to expel migrants from the southern border more than 2.5 million time.

New rules allow border patrols to expel all but 30,000. This “parole” system is being challenged in court. It will most likely be declared illegal as it was intended to cover a small group of people and not tens or thousands of asylum seekers.

RJ Hauman (head of government relations, Federation for American Immigration Reform) said that the plan is “one giant shell game.”

“They realized that the crisis was becoming a political liability. So what was their solution?” Illegal parole abuse and processing at ports-of-entry through an app The end result is lower numbers. He said that it was a scam and illegal.

Whether you call it “Shell Game”, there are many people in Central and South America who might see the restrictions placed on four countries as an invitation for them to move north. The February number of border encounters is likely to be significantly different.