Trump Takes Credit for Getting FEMA to Go to East Palestine

Biden’s administration ignored the environmental disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, for several weeks. Gov. Mike DeWine reportedly repeatedly requested FEMA assistance but was turned down.

Donald Trump announced on Friday that he would be visiting East Palestine within the next week. FEMA announced within two hours that it was coming to help the Palestinian people.

“FEMA and the State of Ohio have been in constant contact regarding emergency operations in East Palestine. U.S. EPA and Ohio EPA have been working together since day one,” Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and FEMA regional administrator Thomas Sivak said in a joint statement. “Tomorrow, FEMA will supplement federal efforts by deploying a Senior Response Official along with a Regional Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT) to support ongoing operations, including incident coordination and ongoing assessments of potential long-term recovery needs.”

It was hard to miss the timing. Some may argue that the Biden Administration’s decision to reverse their minds was a random act of fate, but Donald Trump deserves all credit.

“FEMA and Biden stated that they would not send federal aid to East Palestine. Trump posted to Truth Social that he had made his intentions to go as soon he heard my announcement.”

Trump is right. FEMA continues to tell Governor DeWine that Ohio is not eligible.

It is up to us to decide whether we believe that the Biden administration changed their mind on Friday because they were able to see the truth, or if the change was driven solely by our fear of Donald Trump.

I’d put all my money on the latter.