Google Fails to Censor Rand Paul Article After Public Backlash

Rand Paul, a Kentucky senator, is obsessed with the Coronavirus creation. It’s not surprising. Paul isn’t a casualty of such a massive naked takeover of power in the United States.

This focus led Paul to write an article for Townhall entitled “Gain of Function Research – A Death Wish For the World” in which he explains how the Coronavirus was modified to create what we now call SARS-CoV-2. He explained that there is too much information that points to the fact the virus was created in Wuhan, China. With his new position as “ranking member of a major committee,” he will get to the bottom and hold those responsible accountable.

While the article is worth reading, it’s not what this article is about. This article is about what happened after the article was published in Townhall.

Townhall reported that Google tried to strike Paul’s column by putting some penalty flags on it, labeling it “unreliable” and “harmful”. This resulted in the column being demonetized, which sucked a lot of ad revenue.

Townhall points out that the purpose of demonization was to force Townhall to remove something important from their website. Paul’s popularity makes him dangerous because more people will share this article, making it doubtful that Paul’s story of the virus being an accidental evolution from a dirty food marketplace is true. Google’s hard leftists don’t want to know that Paul is researching the source of the virus.

They attempted to rob Townhall and force Townhall into silence.

It didn’t work.

Townhall resisted Google’s attempts at censorship and instead of backing down Townhall shouted. Google responded by claiming it was a misinterpretation and retaliating. Townhall also noted the beginning and end of Paul’s article in an editorial note.

Google initially flagged this column for “unreliable, harmful claims”. After being brought to Google’s attention, Google released a statement stating that the article had been “labeled incorrectly” and has since removed it.

The damage was still done. Google uses a trick, especially on YouTube, to demonetize anything it disagrees with politically. This is despite the fact that it follows the site’s rules and regulations — at the initial publication of the article or video. The appeal can be in the inbox for up to an hour. It misses out on revenue because most clicks are received at the start of the product’s launch.

Google will confirm that the flag on the content was not in error and requalify the content for monetization. However, the clicks have slowed considerably and the creator has lost a lot of the money that he would have earned.

While Google may have agreed to Townhall making it public, they still left a mark.

This is how tech giants censor people and outlets, without blocking them or banning them. They deprive creators of income for what they claim to be misunderstandings. In reality, they are deliberate attempts to cripple people with opposing opinions and to stop them from making money.

This is the reason why subscription plans are becoming more popular on websites. Conservative sites and content creators will be left behind if big tech companies continue to favor the left. This is an unfair battleground on which creators can be removed from the ground below at any time.