The Biden Administration Is Already Obstructing Investigations

A new lawsuit alleges that President Biden’s Department of Justice, headed by Attorney General Merrick Gallrland, has been withholding documents and obstructing investigations related to Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

According to The Daily Mail, the Department of Justice is trying to prevent disclosure of 400 pages of sensitive information about Hunter’s and Jim Bidens transactions in China, Russia and Ukraine. They claim they don’t exist.

Kevin Evans, a Colorado attorney sued the administration in March for failing to provide Biden records under the Freedom of Information Act. ”

Joe Biden’s Corrupt Practices are About to Get Worse

Evans asserts that, although government lawyers initially admitted they had at most 400 pages worth of “potentially relevant” documents, they now claim they can’t “neither confirm nor deny” Evans’ request.

Evans stated that “I’m quite certain they will move for summary judgment under FOIA privacy exclusions to try to avoid having these documents manufactured.”

This recalls a previous scandal where the Secret Service claimed they didn’t have any records about agents investigating the gun shooting of Hunter Biden in 2018. Judicial Watch filed suit and the documents were found last month. It raised serious questions about whether Joe Biden requested the Secret Service to protect him. This claim was denied by the Secret Service for nearly two years.

The hearing for Evans’s case is scheduled for later in the month.