China Now Pressuring Its Citizens to Contract COVID and Wow Are They Ever

China’s communist leaders have abandoned their Zero COVID goal in favor of a new approach: Herd immunity.
After three years of severe lockdowns, including welding people into their houses, the Chicoms now want people to get the Hong Kong Fluey.

After massive protests in November against yet another round of draconian COVID lockdowns, the Chinese government made the necessary changes in December. Chinese authorities reversed course and decided that herd immunity was the best option. Since then, the number of COVID cases have exploded.

China estimates that 248 million people, 18% of the country’s population, have contracted COVID within the first 20 days. 37 million people contracted it in one day.

Unfortunately, for the Chinese, this reversal has caused a massive spike in COVID deaths.

China is not yet able to locate Paxlovid, a Pfizer-made medication used to combat COVID.

According to Dr. Xiaoxu Sean Lin, a U.S. Army virologist, CCP has a completely different strategy than the Zero-COVID policy. They encourage people to infect themselves in order to obtain the so-called herd immunity.

China’s COVID deaths are believed to overwhelm crematoriums. Some people have even been known to commit suicide in public.

When it comes to China, COVID, and China, it’s difficult to discern what is true. China claims that they have lost just 5,246 people to COVID in the five years since the virus was discovered. This is impossible to believe. Airfinity, a UK-based health company, believes that China is losing 9,000 people per day. They expect the country’s total COVID death rate to reach 1.7 million by April 2023.

The world is wondering if there’s a new COVID variant in 2023 after the huge explosion of COVID cases.