The Babylon Bee Publishes a Hysterical Spoof of a College English Course Description

Babylon Bee is the most popular source of conservative satirical material on the internet. The Babylon Bee’s writers slap the whole spectrum of PC and woke nonsense every day. Clear thinkers who seek humor in the face the growing number of dangerous and crazy ideas, positions and rhetoric coming from the American left share its pieces on social media.

The parody would likely read like this:

Writing and Reading Gender and Sexuality ENGL 214 CREDITS: 0.5

What is the best way to read gender? What is your view of sexuality? What and how has gender and sexuality been rewritten and written? This course introduces you to transfeminist and queer theories and practices in gender studies and sexuality studies. The sex/gender system has been a taxonomizing tool for many years. It is conceptualized by its intersections with race and ethnicity, coloniality. class, and ability. The literary, along with anticolonial, civil and LGBTQ social movements, sheds light on gender and sexuality regulation and troubles. However, it also activates the liberatory potential to imagine embodied relationships differently. Representations of gender and sexuality are simultaneously world-building and world-shattering. They can also leverage criticisms against normativity while they accept it. We’ll take our transnational cues from intersectional epistemologies and subjugated knows. We’ll list the diverse genealogies that have shaped politics, aesthetics, and the ethics and effects of gender and sexuality. We will index the performativity and intimacy that can be used to determine the desires of subjects and objects, in contrast to the binary opposition. Our class will read, reread, and write, and rewrite, texts that question and complicate the way gender and sexuality as contested places of pleasure and pain are experienced and embodied. Students should check with the instructor for details about the course’s geographic and general focus. This course counts towards the major’s methods requirement and as an elective for women’s or gender studies major. Only open to sophomore and first-year students. Prerequisite: ENGL 103, 104.

This nonsensical, unintelligible gibberish was taken from a Kenyon College course description, which is one of the most prestigious liberal arts colleges in the country. The college’s intellectual ineptitude is evident by the fact that Kenyon approved the course description and course.

This sentence is taken from the course description:

The sex/gender system for oppression was conceptualized by its intersections with race and ethnicity, coloniality or class, as well as ability.

This is not a reference to a topic to be discussed in class, but a statement of fact. It is actually the core of the class and reveals the true agenda of the school: to indoctrinate students in cultural Marxism. Kenyon parents spend upwards of $80 000 per year to expose their children to this dangerous pedagogy. Is that what they are paying for? Why is this trash part of an undergraduate English course?

This situation has caused me to be sad as a Kenyon alumnus. This isn’t a rare case of Kenyon spreading such worthless, mindless dreck. The majority of American colleges and universities are woke cesspools that produce ill-informed, arrogant social justice warriors soaked in bitterness, victimhood and entitlement. These graduates are often hampered by a lack in real-world skills and tend to return to academia (where their woke lessons can be used to indoctrinate future students) or to the non-profit sector (because their woke professors told them that profit-making businesses are exploitive).

SJWs who entered the private sector in the last decade or so have advanced in their careers and have reached positions that allow them to implement their woke agenda, which is now codified into the noxious concepts ESG (Environmental, Socio- and Governance) and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion). The PC orthodoxy, which has dominated America’s colleges for decades, is what is causing the current woke invasion of American businesses, military branches and governments.

The Babylon Bee missed this comedy opportunity. Perhaps its fertile minds could instead come up with a farce proposition in which the federal government taxes truck drivers, plumbers, and construction workers to pay off the student debt SJWs have accumulated while they take worthless courses such as Kenyon’s Reading and Writing Gender and Sexuality.

Nah. It is impossible for even the Babylon Bee’s brilliant writers to conjure up satires about such a ridiculous and absurd scheme.