Club Q NYC: Hate Crimes Alleged as Gay Bar Repeatedly Attacked, Then the Press Becomes Its Own Victim

This is becoming a revealing pattern in media.

The media has been on edge since the Colorado shooting, in which five people died and 17 were injured, and is full of accusations. Many people and outlets were accused of being responsible for the attack that occurred on Saturday, November 19. Names such as Tucker Carlson and Lauren Boebert were named contributors to hate-inspiring speech. Outlets like Breitbart and Daily Wire were also accused of being conduits for intolerance that led to this attack.

In the days that followed, another story of violence against the LGBT community emerged. Vers, a gay bar in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen was repeatedly attacked by an attacker. The attacker attacked Vers four times in a month. He was caught on surveillance video throwing bricks at the windows. Sometimes, he did so during business hours. Authorities were pursuing the attacker for criminal activity. Hate-crime charges were also certain to be filed. These incidents were frequently reported by Club Q, which was often invoked. The country’s general intolerance was also mentioned as a factor in this horrible act.

Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine represented many officials and members of the press when he described the attack.

Governor Kathy Hochul ordered police to increase their presence in “at-risk communities.” David DeParolesa, the bar owner, summarized the motivation behind this violence.

DeParolesa said that his bar was safe and that no one was injured in any incidents that occurred at his establishment. However, he added that he feels that the country is experiencing an “emboldened antigay, pro-trans resurgence.” He said, “The pendulum swings.” “This is the manifestation.”

NYPD conducted a focused investigation using security footage from local businesses as a tool to identify the perpetrator. An arrest was made days later. The aftermath contains some interesting details. Sean Kuilan was arrested and charged with criminal mischief for reckless endangerment and criminal possession. These were captured on security video. Note: There are no hate crime charges.

Another interesting aspect is the fact that this story disappeared almost instantly from the news cycle. This is due to another detail being revealed. Yahoo News, unlike the local newspaper The Gothamist’s report on the arrest, was willing to give additional details about the suspect taken into custody.

On Tuesday, a local gay man was taken into custody for his recent brick attacks against a Hell’s Kitchen gay bar in NYC.

The story is quickly dropped by the media. Hate crimes no longer apply. These attacks are no longer directed against the supposed rising tide of anti-gay intolerance. The field reports that were pre-written and filled out as journalistic Mad Libs, are thrown out immediately.

The media complex has a very clear game plan and the press has shown themselves to be not only partisans but also a group that is working towards a predetermined agenda. Take a look at the outrage that was delivered to us in the days following the Colorado shooting. There was no tangible evidence, so all the accusations were being made and the media flooded with them. The journalists then walked away as quietly as they could from the news after the shooter was discovered to be non-binary.

Compare those reports to another shooting that took place just days after the Club Q murders. A Virginia Walmart saw more victims when a manager entered and took their lives. However, we didn’t see the same outrage or days of constant coverage from our media mavens. It could have been because the workplace violence element couldn’t be used against a larger narrative. The shooter could have also been a black man who doesn’t fit the profile required by the media to get into full-throat outrage mode.

When we observe the reactions and behavior of these journalists, the playbook becomes clear. Instead of looking into the details, we are presented with overwrought comments and think pieces that are filled with condemnation and lecturing, and a plethora of accusations. Before any evidence can be found, guilt is assigned and the court of public opinion is called for punishment.

After the facts are presented, their scripts become confetti and they can continue to run their lives without taking responsibility for their actions. False charges and indictments that are not factual are dismissed and no one is held responsible for their actions. This should not be tolerated. We should also push back against those who are claiming to be thought leaders and decrying the divisions in the country but instead jump at the chance of ostracizing a large portion of the country. This is an amoral behavior that must be corrected, and quickly.