Another Big Celebrity Denounces Cancel Culture and Defends J.K. Rowling

Cancel culture as we know was not going to disappear on its own. It was actually threatened to become a social norm thanks to the assistance of big tech and societal tastemakers. It was going to need an army of people who could act dramatically, thought leaders, and be famous to defeat it.

This was unfortunate because not everyone is an independent thinker. People rely on others to do their thinking, and unfortunately, celebrities are too popular. However, celebrities can still make a positive difference. After all, a good idea is a great idea.

J.K. Rowling, while not being a conservative by American standards, is perfectly in the right to defend women against the transgender blitzkrieg and its abuse of them. Despite the hateful, vitriol, and threats Rowling received from transgender activists, her pro-woman stances have been unapologetic. Although she is accused of transphobia by some, one journalist discovered that Rowling has never expressed hatred toward transgender people.

Rowling is being saved by more and more people, even Hollywood. The anti-Rowling mob is becoming more absurd as more people pile on top of each other. Helena Bonham Carter, Bellatrix Lestrange’s heavy hitter, has stepped in to defend her.

In a recent interview, Carter unabashedly supported Rowling and Johnny Depp. She noted that Rowling’s attacks are “loads of bullshit according to the New York Post”:

The actress said, “It’s horrendous. A load of bullshit.”

“I believe [Rowling] was hounded. It has been taken to the extreme and people have judged her. She has allowed her to voice her opinions, especially if she has been subject to abuse.”

“Everybody has their own trauma history and shapes their opinions. You have to be open to where people are coming from and their pain,” said the actress from “Les Miserable”.

“You don’t have to agree on everything. That would be crazy and boring. She isn’t trying to be aggressive, she’s simply sharing her personal experience.”

Carter also supported Depp, claiming that Herd was trying to gain some recognition from the #MeToo era.

My opinion is that Heard got on that pendulum. She said that this is the problem with these things: people will jump on the trend because it’s trendy and to be the poster child for it.

The Fight Club and Harry Potter actress is a pretty big get for Rowling and the movement against cancel culture. More should follow her example and come to the defense of innocent people who have done nothing but express an opinion the extreme left doesn’t like.

It’s also good for both right and left to work together against the extreme left. More commonality is better in society, which is what the extreme left wants more than anything.