The Question Fools Don’t Ask

What would you think if a person never inquired about the cost of any item they bought?

The person would be assumed to be extremely wealthy. If he wasn’t, then you would consider him a fool and not ask for his advice on how to spend your money.

Nevertheless, this question, “What’s the price?” was avoided for nearly every political leader around the globe, as well as journalists and editors, doctors, epidemiologists, and professors.

They didn’t ask, “What price?” when locking down schools, businesses and even entire countries.

This is why many politicians, professors, college presidents and doctors as well as epidemiologists, physicians, and other scientists have been proven to be fools.

A few scientists, and a smaller number of academics and mainstream media people, questioned the lockdowns and were called “misinformation” or “disinformation,” terms that the Left uses to denote all dissent. As a matter of fact, California doctors who disagree with the American medical establishment’s idiocy will have their license to practice medicine suspended starting January 2023.

Sweden was the only country where leading epidemiologists and politicians asked about the price their country would pay, particularly for their young people. Almost no other leaders in science, politics, or media asked the crucial question: What’s the price?

The result was a devastation of economies, financial ruin for millions of small business owners, and a devastating impact on young people at all levels. Many young Americans lost their lives due to fools. These Fools were led by Harvard University in March 2020 when 51 cases of COVID-19 had been confirmed in Massachusetts. Young Americans were denied education and prevented from interacting with their peers for nearly two years. They were also masked wherever they went outside their homes. Young Americans have the highest level of mental and psychological problems in America’s history, the highest suicide rates and academic performance for their age.

Because teachers unions are run by fools, and almost every public health authority in the country is a fool, this happened. The overwhelming majority of American parents trusted fools and thus hurt their children.

Fools lead sheep. Parents were sheep. Airlines heads who allowed 2-year-olds wearing masks for hours were sheep. Even the majority of priests, ministers and rabbis were sheep.

Two big questions are now before us:

First, why do most experts and leaders think they are fools?

Second, why do people trust fools so much?

These are the answers.

Experts know a lot about a narrow field of expertise. Experts know just as much as non-experts about other aspects of life. They think they know more than they do. Experts were not taught to ask “What is the cost?” and so anyone who asks that question will likely give better advice than any expert.

Experts don’t ask this question, which is a sign of the current crisis: There is no wisdom-education. Wisdom is not taught in school, from the first grade through doctoral programs. Therefore, our educational institutions run by fools. Fools can’t teach wisdom.

Americans and many others around the world have believed for nearly a century that knowledge is sufficient to make good decisions. People assume experts, i.e. those who have a lot of knowledge in a particular field, can give advice and design useful policies. This is wrong. As early as April 2020, I was speaking out against lockdowns. You can find it online. Respondents on the internet and listeners to my radio show stated that my view could not be valid because I’m not a health expert. Even though I mentioned physicians or had doctors on my radio show who agreed with me in the past, they always responded that they were either a minority view (as if this automatically invalidates a science-based viewpoint) or that they weren’t experts because they weren’t epidemiologists.

People have stopped thinking because they believe that wisdom is synonymous with expertise. Because they are not experts, their thinking is considered pointless. All that is required is obedience. Parents watched their children, the ones they love most, become depressed and use drugs. They also regressed academically. But they didn’t consider questioning the experts.

Wisdom could have been taught at home and in schools. Americans would ask, “What’s the price?” Or, if you prefer “What’s the downside?” But schools don’t teach it. Parents, who are the product of a wisdom-free education themselves, don’t either.

In every aspect of life, the abandonment of the question “What is the cost?” has had terrible consequences.

Many young Americans don’t ask the question, “What is my price?” For not getting married, for waiting, for having no children, for not having any children, for being part of the “hook-up culture”, just to name a few of the self-destructive choices that tens or millions of young Americans have made.

No one of us ever asks “What’s the cost” of moving to solar and wind energy. They are then shocked by the high price of gasoline, and all other commodities, which is why everything depends on cheap energy. They are indoctrinated to believe that the only price worth thinking about is the global warming cost of using fossil fuels. Experts keep repeating this to them. But, this price is either model-based, or far in future — in both cases, a function foolish experts — while nuclear power and the price of abandoning fossil energy (oil, natural gas, and coal) is immediate and devastating.

However, despite the damage done by experts, most people still obey fools. This is because they were taught that wisdom and expertise are linked.

It is a fact that there is no such thing.