Supreme Court’s Ghost Gun Showdown: Landmark Case Set to Make History

In 2022, the Biden administration tried to blame the person who wielded the sword again when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives issued a new rule that would restrict “buy-build” kits. BATFE says that these kits can be bought without a background check and are used to build guns for personal use, which do not have serial numbers. This assertion has several flaws, but we now see that the Supreme Court is going to challenge this rule in the fall.

The rule was published in 2022 by ATF to regulate the “buy build shoot kits” that are sold online or in retail stores. These kits allow anyone to assemble an actual firearm without the need for a background check, or serial numbers that the federal government requires.

The Fifth Circuit struck down the rule late last year, but the Justice Department filed an appeal to the Supreme Court. The DOJ argued the Gun Control Act of 1988 permits the rule because it defines “firearms” as including “any weapon…which is designed or will readily convert to expel projectiles by the action of explosives,” as well as “the frame or the receiver of any such weapons.”

Gun rights groups, however, say that this rule is “unconstitutional” and “abusive.”

The Biden administration appears to think that the Constitution only applies to others.

The argument of the administration, in this case, is ridiculous.

ATF rule states that unfinished firearm parts, such as the frame of a pistol or receiver of a rifle, must be treated the same way as a finished firearm. These parts must be licensed, and have serial numbers.

As with commercial firearms, manufacturers must also conduct background checks on these parts before they sell them. The Biden administration claimed that the rule was necessary in response to an increase in untraceable firearms.

This rule is not working.

It will not affect criminals, just like all other gun control laws. Why? Criminals do not obey the law. These kits usually include an “80%” or “80%+” receiver. The receiver is the only component of a gun that can be called a “firearm”, and it’s the only one with a serial number. Where does BATFE plan to draw the line, when an 80% can be turned into a 100% with a drill and some hand tools? Will a 70% receive be regulated as well? A 50% receiver? A 35% receiver A billet made of aluminum or steel? This rule will only open the door to a black market of untraceable firearms, which are produced in large numbers in basement workshops. This nonsense is a waste of time and money for BATFE.

A synthetic lower receiver is a very useful part of many weapons. This includes the wildly popular AR-15 pattern rifles. These can be printed on almost any 3-D printer, which is available on the market. How do I know? I own an AR-15 with a synthetic lower receiver.

This rule, which is unnecessary and futile, would make a great store, but a poor federal agency. It is not only intrusive but also unnecessary. BATFE is wasting taxpayers’ money and time. The Supreme Court needs to follow the 5th Circuit in putting an end to this nonsense. We will be there when the Supreme Court decides on this.