Dozens of Pro-Hamas Extremists Arrested as NYPD Descends Upon NYU in Riot Gear

There’s a new night in New York City and this time, it’s a new evening when radical pro-Hamas demonstrators take over the campuses of once proud institutions such as Columbia University and NYU. While people like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will tell you the demonstrations were peaceful, and President Joe Biden may claim that both sides are right, the truth is that these activists are loudly declaring their loyalty to Hamas terrorists, condemning America and shouting hatred for Jews.

It’s sick stuff.

NYPD had enough on Monday night. They descended in riot gear to stop the chaos at NYU.

It was chaotic:

Not only students were arrested, but also radical professors. ).

Washington Square News, a student-run publication at the university, reported that cops in riot gear had zip ties on their hands and led the protesters to police buses. They were demanding that NYU divest its holdings linked to Israel due to the violence in Gaza.

According to a City reporter, NYU faculty members stood together and linked arms to form a barrier between cops and protesting students. Professors were arrested first.

The consequences of this crowd’s behavior are not limited to just them:

How will your proclamations in prison fare, Professor?

The students also learned some hard lessons:

The protesters–agitators, let’s call them–were warned that they were crossing the line:

According to [the Washington Square News], the police used a megaphone to broadcast a message ordering the group to disperse, or else face arrest for trespassing.

After the police moved in, the tents were torn down that the students had erected on Monday morning at Gould Plaza of the private university located at West 4th Street as part of a “Gaza Solidarity encampment”.

WSN reported that earlier in the day the director of Campus Safety at NYU warned protesters they would face “consequences” if the camp was not cleared by 4 pm.

The agitators broke through security barriers, which was a step too far.

According to the college newspaper, Campus Safety Chief Fountain Walker told the crowd that the breached barricades this morning violated the requirement. “We witnessed disorderly and disruptive behavior that interfered with our community’s safety and security,” Walker said. If you leave, there will be no consequences for the actions of today — no police, no discipline.

They didn’t even listen.

As of this writing, protesters are still marching through Manhattan.

Hamas is the one responsible for this war. They launched a savage and inhuman attack on the Jewish state in October, killing over 1,200 innocents.

These “demonstrations”, which are sad reflections of our society, are incomprehensible. It’s hard to understand why so many people in our university system openly celebrate terrorists while condemning democratic nations like Israel and the United States.

As Hillary would say, “Deplorable.”