Stelter Makes Stunning Claim About CNN’s Role In The News

If you wanted to know the origin story of “fake news,” it probably started out with CNN. Over the last few years, we’ve seen this news network make some radical claims about President Trump. Even when their reporters leave out crucial facts to push a specific political agenda, they claim that their job is to protect the public from America’s “most dangerous” President. It’s been their go-to excuse for years now when people call them out on biased journalism. 

We’ve been seeing Brian Stelter, CNN’s chief media correspondent, report on President Trump’s journey home to the White House after being diagnosed with COVID-19. While Stelter claims to be an “objective journalist,” his commentary on Trump’s medical diagnosis has been anything but. For days, he sneered that Trump did not have a “real show of strength,” and that his positive diagnosis was more of a performance than anything else. 

“It’s not a real show of strength but it’s a performative show of strength, this is what strong men do in autocratic regimes. Of course, thankfully we’re in a democracy, but this is the kind of thing you see from strong men who want to appear to be leading. It’s a “Dear Leader” sort of approach. I think that is what we’re seeing on the television screens,” Stelter said. 

It is disgusting to see mainstream media figures compare the President’s release from the hospital to the showmanship of autocrats like Kim Jong-un. He even blasted Trump’s return as “cynical,” “performative,” and “dangerous.” CNN has been simultaneously claiming he’s dying and faking it at the same time. The truth is that President Trump was fine to go home and finish recuperating. By leaving the hospital early, he was freeing up supplies and medical personnel for those who need it most, but hey, that’s just practical thinking. 

Now, Stelter has made a rather stunning claim in his Monday newsletter. “East Coast news companies and West Coast tech companies are increasingly being put in the position of protecting the public from the American president’s dangerous, democracy-eroding lies,” Stelter twitter, attaching a CNN article. 

The newsletter claims that the President has been lying about the coronavirus and the election. It rants about Trump’s voter suppression enterprise, more Russian scandals, and his power-hungry empire. Ironically enough, the article also talks about social media protecting the American people from President Trump, when really, it just protects and verifies the lies from CNN. Tech companies have been enabling radical left lies for years. 

The only thing these media companies “protect” us from is the truth and this CNN newsletter does nothing but boast censorship. Period. CNN has become the public’s single biggest source of dangerous misinformation. If there’s anything we should protect people from, it’s CNN.