Biden Says He Is Running For Senate, Forgets Romney’s Name

Joe Biden raised eyebrows yet again with recent remarks on his campaign trail in Ohio that he’s running for the Senate. This isn’t the first time the Democratic nominee has engaged in a series of gaffes regarding which office he’s seeking and leaving the voters more confused than confident.

Starting with Biden’s arrival, a video clip emerged of the former vice president getting off his plane while talking about Mitt Romney. He didn’t remember his name and was instead calling him “the Mormon.” Mind you, this is the same Republican nominee who ran against former President Barack Obama and former vice president Joe Biden in the 2012 elections.

Reporters were asking Biden if Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s faith should be “considered” during her Supreme Court nomination. While he told reporters there should be no questions about her faith, Biden has been seen attacking her Catholic beliefs and aimed criticisms at her policy concerns and the timing of her nomination. This is when he referred back to when he and former President Obama were running against GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

“You may remember, I got in trouble when we were running against the senator who was a Mormon, the governor, OK? And I took him on. No one’s faith should be questioned,” Biden said.

Things throughout the day got progressively worse. When Biden finally got to his speech on the campaign trail, he said “I’m running as a proud Democrat for the Senate.” This isn’t the first time he’s made this mistake. Back at the South Carolina Democratic Party in February, he said he was a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate.

President Trump even noticed this and commented on the cringe-worthy gaffe. “Biden losing big in Florida. Only Fake Polls show otherwise! Bad for Healthcare. Thinks he’s running for the Senate. Forgot Mitt Romney’s name, and where he was,” President Trump tweeted.

At the end of his speech, Biden said “God protect thank you” then asked which way he was going on stage. It’s extremely strange that he would’ve already forgotten which way he came in and where he’s supposed to go at the end of his speech.

Biden’s gaffes reflect an early onset dementia and a need for professional help. How in the world can the Democrats support this? They are running a man with mental cognitive decline for president of the United States. According to the left, any obvious negative trait of Biden’s is really just a trait of Trump’s. Everything is about blaming President Trump and getting him out of office. There is no political agenda other than pushing everything far-left.