South Carolina Poised to Embrace ‘Constitutional Carry’ Firearms Law, Joining Select States

Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry has signed into law a bill that eliminates all permit requirements so residents of the state can carry firearms openly or conceal them without a license. The law will take effect on July 4th.

Louisiana legislators and Gov. Alan Gottlieb, Chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms), said that Landry has taken a bold move for the public’s safety. At the same time, legislators and governors of the 22 remaining holdout states signal that they don’t trust their citizens to exercise the most basic right, the right to self-defense. What a shameful way to send a message to the people who elected them.

In Columbia, SC, a second victory was just about to be won.

South Carolinians could soon be allowed to openly carry an armed weapon.

The Second Amendment Preservation Act was officially passed by state lawmakers from both the House of Representatives and the Senate. It is also known as South Carolina Constitutional Carry. The bill allows any person who is legally allowed to own a firearm to openly carry it.

The bill will be signed by Governor Henry McMaster.

Leviathan is terrified of nothing more than the freedom of people.

Margie Bright Matts, a senator from New York said: “This is permitless carry.” “Why are we allowing people to carry even more guns and without [concealed weapon permits] this time?”

The question “Why do we allow people to” is dripping with contempt towards the people that this person was chosen to serve.

Charles C. W. Cooke, National Review:

Constitutional carry doesn’t allow excluded people to purchase, possess, or carry firearms. They remain as forbidden as before. It does not prevent police from checking if a person arrested is allowed to have a firearm. If you believe that removing the permit process for eligible citizens will make police life more dangerous, then either (a), law-abiding citizens suddenly become more dangerous when they’re not required to apply for permits or (b), convicted criminals who are willing to shoot at a cop may be deterred from doing so if he has to apply for that small piece of plastic laminated that he can’t legally obtain in the initial instance. These arguments are not convincing to me, nor, I would imagine, to most other people given the wide spread of permitless carrying.

Permitting doesn’t make anybody safer. The permitting process is more appropriately seen as a barrier to prevent “lower-order” citizens from exercising their constitutional rights. In Maryland, (haaack…ptoooie!) It costs about $500 to go through the training, fingerprinting, and get a weapons license. This is done to prevent people in dangerous areas from arming themselves, or risk becoming felons should they resort to self-defense.

Constitutional Carry has become the line that divides states run by free people from those who would be totalitarians.