Rachel Maddow’s Outrage: MSNBC Under Fire for Airing Trump’s Victory Speech

Rachel Maddow went on a warpath Super Tuesday evening. Maddow was furious after Donald Trump interrupted MSNBC’s results coverage with his victory speech. She asked how MSNBC could afford to give airtime to the Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States.

“I’ll say that this is a decision we constantly revisit in terms of the balance that we have to strike between allowing someone to knowingly lie to you on air about something they’ve already lied about and about which you can predict that they will lie. It is therefore irresponsible for us to let them do this. Maddow explained that it’s difficult to strike a balance when you know that broadcasting such a thing is irresponsible, and yet also that this man is not only likely to become the Republican nominee for president but that this is how he is running.”

She is a woman who lacks self-awareness. Donald Trump is a political figure. Joe Biden is also a politician. You’re either not paying attention or so enamored of your partisanship you don’t realize how biased you are.

MSNBC, as a network is free to broadcast Trump’s remarks however it pleases. The network could draw a funny mustache on Trump’s lip or superimpose a clown costume on the former president. Maddow would likely approve, but most viewers would stop watching the network.

Stephanie Ruhle, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, suggested that they “fact check the hell out of him”. MSNBC’s set was again lacking in self-awareness that evening. It’s a futile exercise unless they “fact-check” Joe Biden, too.

Maddow said that after Trump’s win in the Iowa Caucuses, she would cut off Trump’s speech.

Maddow stated at the time that “the projected winner of Iowa’s caucuses just began giving his victory speeches.” “We’ll keep an eye on it as it happens.” We will inform you if anything notable, substantive, or important is said in the speech.

You can guess for yourself whether Biden was treated the same. (He didn’t.)

Maddow stated, “The reason why I say this is that there’s a good reason we and other media organizations have stopped giving unfiltered live platforms to former President Trump’s remarks.” “It’s not out of spite or a decision we enjoy, but it’s a choice we revisit regularly. It is not an easily made decision.”

“Not for spite”? “Not a choice we enjoy”? Maddow is trying to fool whom?

Left and right view the world differently. The left thinks it is the only side that can speak with authority about “truth” or “objective reality.” For there to be a “truth” or an “objective reality,” there must be a consensus about the nature of that reality.

Trump and his supporters don’t agree with the reality that is being promoted by the left. They reject Biden’s worldview, that of the Democrats and Mainstream Media, and have a different view on the national and global events.

Do they then consider them to be wrong? Or different? The election will be decided by this difference.