Denver Shuts Down Four Illegal Alien Shelters – Shocking Reactions Follow

Last year, Denver’s illegal alien sanctuary mayor Mike Johnston announced that he was closing four illegal alien shelters. The city doesn’t have enough space for illegals – far from it. Denver must find $180 million to feed and house illegals. Johnston says the city could save $60 million by closing shelters that provided food and shelter to illegals.

Do Democrats believe this is how saving works? You can ask for a friend.

Johnston’s new plan will amaze you. The city has a budget hole of $120 million and there are plenty of illegals who need food and shelter.

I am proud to tell you that my small town of Monument, located forty minutes south of Denver voted recently against becoming a Sanctuary City. Last month, Mayor Mitch LaKind stated that “there is no money allocated for the type of issues Denver is facing.” The issue was not brought up in our budget workshops. “Since we all have a fiduciary responsibility to our residents, I am not surprised that we agree about how the money will be spent.”

It was the right thing to do because I knew that LaKind’s dry assessment would not make any hearts race.

If you can’t afford it, then don’t promise to do it. As a result, only bad things, or even worse for elected officials: embarrassing things, can happen.

Denver was welcoming illegal immigrants with open arms. But when they showed up with the audacity, the outrageous gall, Denver didn’t know what to do. And there wasn’t enough money to pay for it.

Now the city is asking landlords who already have high rents and low availability to let their apartments to illegal immigrants. And, no, the money that Denver saved from closing the shelters for the illegal aliens it invited into the city will not go to them.

Apartments that rent for less than $2,000 are eligible.

According to the Daily Mail, city Human Services spokesperson Jon Ewing said that they sent a “feeler” to all landlords with whom they have relationships. “I said that we were going to be getting some newcomers and they would need housing.”

Do Democrats believe that this is the way privatization works in America? You are asking for a friend.

According to a Denverite article, Ewing claims that he has already heard from some landlords who are willing to work with city officials. This is a big surprise because the Denver Post reported that the rental market in Denver took a “sharp U-turn” in the second quarter. The vacancy rate dropped from 5.5% to 3.7% in only three months.

Denverite reported that “Evictions reached record levels in recent months, even though demand for temporary housing has dropped.”

Denver residents who are struggling to pay their rent must be delighted by the increased demand.