Sinema, Manchin Garner Massive Fundraising Hauls While Rejecting Dem Agenda

Sen. Senator Kyrsten Silene and Sen. Joe Manchin were recently able to raise large amounts of money while rejecting key elements of the far-left agenda. Sinema had her fourth quarter of highest fundraising results since she was elected in 2021. Politico reported that Sinema raised almost $1.6million in the three months to 2021.

Her opposition to President Joe Biden’s far-left agenda is responsible for the decline in small-dollar donations. She has publicly rejected a portion of their agenda, including reconciliation to policy changes.

Manchin also set a fourth-quarter fundraising record. He raised $1.5 million, which was nearly $1.4 million more than any senator has ever raised.

Manchin’s reelection campaign raised over $280,000 from corporate donors, other influential donors. After Manchin stated that he wouldn’t support Build Back Better, he saw a spike in donations.

Manchin has been a swing vote on important bills. Like the Arizona senator, he opposes the removal of filibuster rules.

Sinema, Manchin and others are not up for reelection in 2024.