Scientists Speak Out On Being Silenced When Raising Concerns About Coronavirus Lab Leak Theory

Scientists are speaking out against attempts by researchers to silence those who have raised concerns about COVID-19’s origins in China.

Benjamin Hall, Fox News’ reporter, interviewed scientists from Australia and Germany about Petrovsky’s story. He said that even though they believed it was possible, there was resistance to publishing the work.

Petrovsky claimed that it took two decades for the truth to emerge.

Scientists claim that there was a top-down effort to shield the scientific community from negative attention. Scientists feared that public recognition of the possibility that the pandemic could spread from gain-of-function research in a laboratory could hamper future experiments.

Many scientists who spoke out about COVID-19’s past were labeled conspiracy theorists in the media and by their science colleagues.┬áDespite the fact that experts have confirmed the possibility of human error, this was still a scandal.

Scientists were furious that China and some scientists tried hiding the source of the pandemic. This left little hope for stricter regulation.