Shocking Twist in Trump Trial: D.C. Judge Allegedly Targeted in Swatting Incident

Swatting is a 9-1-1 call that reports a fake emergency to the victim and then prompts law enforcement to respond with a SWAT squad. Tanya Chutkan, the D.C. Circuit judge overseeing former President Donald Trump’s federal election interference case, was reportedly the victim of an attempted “swatting” on Sunday night.

Police and fire trucks were dispatched to Chutkan’s residence on Sunday night after the police received reports that there had been a shooting.

NBC News confirmed that police responded to false reports that a shooting had occurred at a home that a witness recognized as Chutkan’s. Unknown to NBC News, a law enforcement official confirmed that the house was Chutkan’s and that she was at home when police arrived.

According to a police report obtained from NBC News, officers of the Metropolitan Police Department responded just after 10 p.m. The report stated that a shooting had occurred in the area. The unnamed person told authorities that she was “not injured” and there were no people in the house when they arrived.

A police spokesperson told NBC News that the police “determined there was no shooting.” The call for emergency services is unclear.

The D.C. lawsuit filed by Special Prosecutor Jack Smith is currently stayed until the appeal on the immunity issue has been resolved. This issue will be debated before the D.C. The Supreme Court will hear the case on Tuesday, after hearing it at the Circuit Court of Appeals. Chutkan was asked by Trump’s team to hold the prosecution liable for contempt because they continued with their motion and discovery practices despite her stay order that she entered mid-December.

The incident at Chutkan’s house was resolved successfully without any injuries.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t her only incident on Sunday. The Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft also received a swatting Sunday evening.

Ashcroft was in Jefferson City, Missouri, with his family, when he received a call from law enforcement. His office released a statement about the incident.

It ended with me walking with my arms raised out of my front entrance with several armed officers in front of my house. I am so grateful that the Jefferson City Police Department handled this situation with extreme professionalism, and that no one was injured. Ashcroft said, “It is unfortunate that their resources and personnel had to be spent on a joke.” “I hope those who committed such cowardly, childish acts will be prosecuted.”

Ashcroft was informed by the police that an emergency call had been received stating that there had occurred a shooting in the house.

There have been many incidents involving politicians and prominent officials in recent years. Jack Smith was the target of an attempted swatting attempt on Christmas Day. Jonathan Turley, a professor at George Washington Law School, was the victim of a swatting attempt shortly after Christmas. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-GA has also been swatted several times.

Hopefully, these perpetrators will be identified and brought before the law before anyone gets hurt.