NYC High School Transforms into Hub for Illegal Aliens, Forcing Local Kids into Remote Learning

On Tuesday afternoon, news of the incident at James Madison High School was widely shared on social media.

Due to weather concerns, the city has evacuated almost 2,000 illegal immigrants who were staying in a camp on Floyd Bennett Field. The field is unlivable in the event of torrential downpours and high winds.

The illegal aliens are now being moved to the gym on the second floor of James Madison High School, Brooklyn.

City Hall spokeswoman Kayla Mmelak stated that the relocation was a proactive move taken to ensure the safety of the individuals who work and live at the center.

Mamelak said that the families were already being relocated temporarily and would continue to receive essential services and support. The relocation will continue as long as the weather conditions are stable and the facility can be used.

What about the children who are supposed to be there to learn?

Only today did the school receive notice that illegal aliens will be arriving.

Robyn Levy, a gym teacher at the school, said: “They told me we had to remove everything by 5 [p.m .],”. They sent us an email at 6 am. I don’t have a clue when we will be able back.

Levy asked. Why not send them to a place where the student’s learning and safety would be protected?

Thomas Sullivan (a Republican Assembly candidate) and Inna Vernikov of the New York City Council weighed in on the issue, raising the alarm over the bad policy and discussing the priorities. The kids will be taking virtual classes tomorrow, they also said. Vernikov stated that the children were punished.

Vernikov stated that the use of the school for a shelter was not an option and that the city had been warned that there would be a problem at the Floyd Bennet Field site.

Vernikov said that illegal aliens also bypassed the scanning system on campus.

Bill Melugin of Fox, a border expert who is well-known for his reporting on the issue, talked about the parents’ reaction (which must be furious). Kelly also criticized people for voting Democrat and putting their children in this situation. Bill Melugin spoke about the parents’ reaction (who must be furious), while Kelly chastised the people who voted Democrat, putting their children in such a situation.