Gavin Newsom and Wife Spotted at Exclusive Mexican Resort Alongside Bill Clinton

Is this an indication that Gavin Newsom is running for POTUS?

California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom was seen with former President Bill Clinton at the Four Seasons Resort in Tamarindo.

The New York Post reported that Hillary wasn’t with Newsom, his wife Jennifer.

Photos obtained by The Post reveal that Clinton was wearing a short-sleeved multi-colored shirt, a pair of blue pants, and a Panama hat while the sun shone. He was reclining in the back seat of a golf car with his legs crossed.

According to photos, Newsom was joined in the cart by his wife Jennifer. She was dressed in dark clothing and a baseball hat.

Eyewitnesses who were staying at this ritzy resort claimed that they did not see Hillary Clinton, former presidential candidate and secretary of state.

According to the witness, Bill was staying in a villa that could only be accessed by a private footpath. However, the US Secret Service ensured that other guests were not allowed to get close to this spot.

The resort website lists a villa that rents for over $18,000/night.

It is unclear whether the Newsoms stayed at the villa along with Clinton or just Gavin & Jennifer.

The New York Post reached out to the Clinton Foundation as well as Newsom’s Office for a comment before publication but received no response.