Shocking FD-1023 Document Reveals Biden Corruption

As we reported previously, Sen. Chuck Grassley released the infamous FD-1023 document which shows that Joe Biden (and Hunter Biden) received bribes from Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky.

The firm claims that there are 17 recordings of the arrangements, two of which include Joe Biden. Vadim Pojarskii, Burisma’s former CFO, also revealed something previously unknown: He said that the company “hired Hunter Biden” to “protect us from all sorts of problems, through his father.”

Zlochevsky also made a direct reference to Joe Biden when he said “Don’t worry Hunter, he will take care all of those things through his father” in response to a question about whether the Burisma investigation would affect the company’s IPO. Who led that investigation? Viktor Shokin. Who would then brag that they got Shokin fired because they withheld aid to Ukraine later? Joe Biden.

This level of corruption is shocking. It’s the largest political scandal in U.S. History. The FBI’s efforts to hide all of this are even worse. The FBI did not only fail to conduct a thorough examination of the information that the source had shared with his handler but also appeared to have done all it could to shield the Bidens from the fallout.

This is what a new perspective on the FD-1023 shows. When Congress asked to see the document, the FBI removed an embarrassing reference to Hunter Biden.

The FBI tried to hide several other parts of FD-1023 from Congress. This is because redactions should only be done if they are necessary. They are usually cited as being there to protect methods and sources or to prevent the disclosure of national security data. When the FBI redacted Hunter Biden’s comment that he was not as smart as a canine, what sources and methods did they protect? By redacting mentions of recordings and documents that attested to bribes, what sources and methods are being protected?

It is obvious that the answer is none. Why was it redacted? Occam’s Razor says that it was redacted to show that Hunter Biden did not have a legitimate reason for receiving payments from Burisma. Unredacted FD-1023 shows that the Ukrainian oligarchs paid to be protected by Joe Biden and to have Shokin fired. This is a huge admission. It is also very telling that the FBI tried so hard to keep it from Congress and Americans.

FBI Dir. Christopher Wray tried to say in May that the FD-1023 did not exist. Wray tried to redact the document excessively after it was proven that there were sources that had confirmed to GOP members of Congress that it existed. A subpoena eventually led to the breakthrough that we now enjoy.

What will the FBI do? Will they use the “ongoing investigations” to cover up their previous claim that the FD-1023 did not exist? I don’t know how the Bureau will recover from this in terms of public opinion. You can only tell a certain number of lies (some omitted) before you paint yourself into a corner. Wray finds himself in this situation. He must decide quickly whether he will continue to defend the Bidens or save his agency’s reputation in the eyes of Americans.