4 Arrested in San Francisco Strip Club Shooting

Police said that four people were arrested on Friday, three months after the mass shooting outside of a San Francisco strip club left a man dead and injured three others.

The suspects arrested were identified as Jeremiah Thomas (21), Marilyn Sahagun Lopez (20), and Nikeosi James (22).

Malachi Lefiti (22), a fourth suspect, was arrested the day after The Condor’s shooting on April 23rd. A police statement stated that he was charged with three counts of attempted murder and homicide, as well as possession of a gun by a prohibited individual, conspiracy, and gang enhancement.

Thomas, Sahagun Lopez, and Jackson were arrested on Tuesday under suspicion of homicide and attempted murder, as well as attempted robbery and other crimes, including gang activity.

Investigators say the suspects tried to rob victims under gunpoint. During the incident an altercation took place and Isaiah Thomas (23 years old) was shot and killed.

The shooting victims who survived were only described as two 24-year-old men from Sacramento County and a 20-year-old woman from Contra Costa County.

Jackson was arrested on a warrant from Contra Costa County, for having a loaded gun in a vehicle or public place. He also had a warrant from the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, for having a loaded weapon and not being registered owner.

News outlets reported that the Condor Club managers denied any connection between the strip club and the shooting.