Joe Biden Showed up at FBI Office During Probe

On Wednesday, IRS “Whistleblower X” was identified as Joseph Ziegler when he testified live before the House Oversight Committee. Ziegler is a 13-year Special Agent with the IRS Criminal Investigation Division. He also happens to be a Democrat, but he said he came forward because he wanted to detail his concerns about the FBI’s handling of the probe into Hunter Biden. Ziegler and IRS Supervisory agent Gary Shapley testified the case moved slowly and there were a lot of roadblocks.

Ziegler, in an interview with CBS, made some alarming claims about DOJ interference. In June we covered Ziegler’s claim that he was prevented from interviewing Hunter Biden or his children. In his CBS interview, he repeated this claim.

In his opening remarks at the hearing, he made a second point about the nature and the influence of Joe Biden. Joe Biden actually showed up at the field office during the investigation of his son.

In his prepared remarks before the House Oversight Committee of the United States Congress, IRS Special Agent Joseph Ziegler said that he could see “definitely potential problems” in working on this case outside of Delaware. The small US Attorney’s Office that we were working with may have never worked on a large case. Delaware is the state where the father of our subject lived and the family was known throughout the entire state.

Ziegler said, perhaps referring to the FBI’s Baltimore Office, that “this later became evident when the president Joe Biden had to come into the FBI office to discuss an unrelated matter, and it was joked about by the team. “Another example was when a Delaware magistrate made inappropriate remarks while signing the first electronic order. This caused her to withdraw from the investigation. We lost 4 months due to the fact that we had a new warrant to write and re-do all of our investigative steps.

Ziegler did not identify the judge or specify her remarks, but she remembered thinking “These issues are what we have to deal with and there is nothing we can do about them.”

Ziegler failed to identify the judge or what her remarks that caused such a problem were.

It is difficult to deal with Biden in this case. Imagine that you were working on Hunter Biden Case and Joe Biden appeared at your office. It would have been a bit unsettling if he had shown up at the office. Was it for a legitimate reason or another one? I could not find anything on Google about it. Ziegler didn’t mention a date for the incident. He had been to Baltimore previously, but not for this reason.

There are many problems with how this case has been handled.