Seattle Fire Chief Accused of Helping BLM and Antifa Take Over CHAZ During ‘Summer of Love’

The “Summer of Love”, 2020 in Seattle, was embodied in riots by Antifa and Black Lives Matter along with their friends in the Professional Protest movement. They took over a portion of Seattle. The seven-to-20 block area was called CHOP, then CHAZ by the insurrectionists. Seattle firefighters claim that the fire chief helped the insurrectionists nearly three years later. Their goal was to remove cops and establish their own independent government. They also wanted to hijack the city.

The self-appointed Warlord Raz Simone of CHAZ gave guns away to others. This is illegal for lawful gun owners.

Simone was also accused in connection with trafficking girls.

At least six people were shot to death by the time that occupation of property had ended. The encampment was home to two teens who were killed. There were also beatings and sexual assaults. Reporters were threatened with arrest or barred. Portland Antifa sent reinforcements.

Firefighters claimed that Harold “Scoggins” while on duty and wearing uniform “actively supported the perpetrators” of the civil unrest, even when medics/firefighters were “harassing” them. They also claim that Antifa “medics” treated the victims, two of whom were killed, and then they were transferred to the fire department EMTs.

According to The Post Millennial, firefighters wrote a letter asking for clarification from the King County prosecutor and Mayor Bruce Harrell about Scoggins’ continued employment after he:

…ordered that front-line firefighter equipment be removed from Fire Department vehicles. This was done to give it to people living in the autonomous zone. This bypasses established protocols and directly harms patients by removing trained personnel. It also places undue burdens civilians who need to provide aid. Chief Scoggins openly admitted that he helped to move cement blocks into the streets of the protest zone. This reckless act made it impossible to assist those in the zone by the Fire Department. [emphasis added]

They claimed he was responsible for human deaths as a result of his complicity with the Leftist insurgents taking over. It is easy to imagine that Scoggins, Police Chief Carmen Best and Jenny Durkan were in constant contact with Raz Simone and other CHAZ officials in the hopes of persuading them through text messages and phone calls. The worst was yet to come.

Scoggins was ordered to preserve all emails, records and texts in a lawsuit against the family of one child killed inside CHAZ. The lawsuit claims that Scoggins took his iPhone to the Apple Store, where he had his phone reset to factory settings. This erased any messages. Durkan’s and Best’s messages were set to be erased after 30 days.

The judge sanctioned the City: “federal Judge Thomas Zilly sanctioned” the city. The city of Seattle quickly settled a multimillion-dollar lawsuit with business owners who had been victims of the armed occupiers in the zone.

Nevertheless, some messages survived, including one about Scoggins speaking with Raz Simone.

Firefighters were disgusted.

Later, Chief Scoggins spoke out about his support for the Capitol Hill Occupied Protests (CHOP) occupants. This was even after a YouTube video showed Raz Simone handing out assault rifles to protestors.

The Fire Chief and Chief Police should have coordinated the effective planning to remove shooting victims or patients in an emergency situation within the protest zone. Loss of life was caused by the absence of a plan that conformed to standard operating guidelines.

According to the Post Millennial, Scoggins coordinated barriers placements for protesters.

Only the online outlet was able to obtain the letter which shows angry firefighters accusing fire chiefs of violating their oaths of office.

Oath-breaking was another epidemic that summer.

Let’s all hope that someone pays.