Where Is John Fetterman?

Senator John Fetterman (D. Pa.) was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center last month for treatment of severe depression that he suffered from while trying to adjust to life in the U.S Senate. He also had cognitive impairments from his May 2022 stroke. He has an auditory processing disorder that makes it difficult to understand and communicate with others. Fetterman struggled to perform his duties despite all the efforts to accommodate his impairments at the Senate.

According to Fetterman’s staff, he is making progress in his recovery process and is ready to resume his duties as U.S. Senator. His condition is not known and his aides have attempted to portray him as still performing his duties.

The bottom line is that Fetterman was at Walter Reed for more than a month and that there is still no timetable for his return. What’s the deal?

A spokesman for Fetterman said that Fetterman is on the road to recovery but will remain absent from the Senate for several more weeks.

Joe Calvello, Fetterman’s communications director said that “we understand the intense interest and the flood of well wishes.” He made the statement earlier in the week. “However, we have already stated that this will take several weeks and we will keep everyone updated as it progresses. However, this is all we can offer in the way of an update.

Don’t believe that this update was intended to reassure us that Fetterman will soon be back at work at Capitol. Fetterman’s aides repeatedly moved the goalposts against us. Fetterman’s chief staff Adam Jentleson told us earlier this month that Fetterman was on the road to recovery and would be back soon.

At this point, I think we will hear the same thing about Fettermans “progress” within a few weeks. Then, another one, and so on. We will continue to be entertained by this absurd farce for as long as we can. Fetterman’s staff must have no clue about his true condition or are hiding something. Their so-called “updates” have been as innocuous as Magic 8 Balls. It seems like they are just trying to get by, hoping that nobody notices what they really mean, and trying to avoid the inevitable.