School District President Resigns After Having High School Kids at Naughty Christmas Party

One, I’m grateful I don’t have to worry about what might happen at school to my children. However, I worry about my grandkids who are still at school. You don’t have to search the internet for examples of teachers or school board members who promote objectionable ideologies and expose students to sexually explicit and illegal activities. If you feel you have the ability to do that, I will let you know.

Steven Llanusa is our latest inductee to the Educator’s Hall of Shame. Llanusa was the former president of Claremont Unified Schools District in Los Angeles County. He has since resigned. Here’s why.

CBS reports that Llanusa hosted a holiday party in his home on December 3. He invited the choir from the local high school to perform. To help raise funds, he also offered to pay for the performance. It sounds all fine and dandy, right? This is unfortunately about as innocent as it gets. It turned out that this was a “naughty holiday party” because people have a need to sexualize everyone, even high school students, as it turned out. The members of the choir waited for an hour before they could perform. Students were also offered alcohol and an open bar. The students were also treated to the sight of naked male dancers, and a “dirty Santa”.

Below is the CBS Los Angeles story.

The school board met with their legal counsel and released this statement via Facebook.

We are shocked by the allegations that are causing disruption, distraction, and pain as expressed in the community members’ messages to both the Board of Directors and the Superintendent. We read and receive all your messages and take your concerns seriously. Although Mr. Llanusa cannot be resigned from the board, we encourage him. This will allow us to heal and return our focus to students’ well-being.

Some would argue there was no harm or foul since students are already being sexualized through popular culture and social media. If that’s true, then why do district administrators have to contribute to this problem? That question shouldn’t be asked.

Parents, grandparents, and caregivers should pay attention to their child’s education and who is making the decisions. You have the right to all information. You can trust your schools to answer for you. It’s never the other direction.