AOC’s New Climate Film Hits Iceberg

America, get ready for another Oscar-worthy performance by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

If you didn’t have to get a wisdom tooth or drop a kidney stone, I have a suggestion for entertainment. AOC’s “To the End” documentary is now playing in theaters across the frozen prairie. She stars and narrates the two-minute trailer.

The trailer opens with the urgent twangs and beat of a guitar. AOC starts by saying “Fighting to change politically requires faith.” The trailer then jumps into clips and vignettes of people holding signs and shouting (there is a lot of shouting). It seems that the soundtrack is playing gospel music, which is very similar to the civil rights movement.

“Ain’t nobody going to hold us down.” “We are going to climb that mountain …”

MTV’s young reporter is told by a young woman that she has built an army of young people to end the climate crisis and create millions of good jobs for her generation.

It is also stupid. Her cohort army and she are not going to stop climate change. They are also not going to create millions of good jobs.

The protest moves on to more signs and more shouting. AOC is seen wearing her large glasses and making ridiculous pronouncements such as “Some of us actually need to live in this future that you are all setting on fire.”

The film stars Rhiana Gunn Wright, a climate activist who makes ridiculous pronouncements such as:

There will always be a loophole for the fossil fuel industry to exploit, as long as people can be poisoned without consequences.

Gunn-Wright is a researcher at the intersection between climate policy, public investments, public power, and racial equality. She is driving a car and her voice sounds like the above. Ms. Gunn Wright’s car is stuffed with a lot of fossil fuel plastics.

The trailer continues to shout and hold more signs, make more ridiculous statements and cuts to a few more clips of AOC making silly statements and agitating.

Critics gave “To The End” glowing reviews. Even the few “bad” reviews were apologetic for not liking it. 83 percent of critics gave it positive reviews like “‘To the End’ is set to ignite more Americans to take action.”

Yeah…maybe not.

“To The End” averaged $80 per screening. AOC may have her loyal fans, but they all seem to have seen her act, and the rest of America doesn’t care. Even if she was right, it seems odd that she would release a film in the middle of winter, when the earth is heating up.

This review wasted two minutes of my time.

You’re welcome.