Republican Establishment Already Looking to Give up on the Mid-Terms

This story is familiar to you if you’ve heard it before. After Republican establishment figures fail in primary elections, they immediately complain to liberal media about how easy it is to lose races. The GOP loses an election victory.

This is a phrase that you have probably heard before. The 2016 consultants class tried to convince Donald Trump that he couldn’t defeat Hillary Clinton.

There were no lessons to be learned. Now, the Republican establishment, pollsters, and consultants want to abandon November’s midterm election. They shared their story with Axios, a liberal newspaper.

According to conversations with GOP strategists and pollsters, top Republicans are now less confident about their ability to win control of the Senate in the next midterms. They fear that they will lose it after naming several highly flawed candidates in winnable States.

…” The environment is perfect for us. “We just can’t fumble on the five-yard line,” Sen. John Cornyn (R.Texas), a top McConnell lieutenant told Axios.

What’s the story? In many crucial Senate races, polling and fundraising tell a similar story. Instead of surfing the national wave of dissatisfaction with Democrats, the Republicans are on defense.

It’s exhausting. It’s not surprising that GOP primary voters didn’t choose the best candidates. Some of Donald Trump’s endorsements were selfishly selfish.

Herschel Walker is only down three points while Brian Kemp is up seven.

The establishment class is more interested in being right than in winning.

Giving up on Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona would be moronic. It would be throwing in the towel while leading by multiple touchdowns in the fourth quarter. Who cares what the polling says? Every cycle since 2014 has severely underestimated Republicans in Senate races. Play to win, not to be “right.” The GOP establishment would be smart to do that, including the donor class that is needed to fund these campaigns.