J.K Rowling Criticizes Gender-Focused Policies That Endanger Extremely Vulnerable Girls

J.K. Rowling has constantly criticized gender-focused policies which endanger extremely fragile teenage girls.

A blog post that was written by parents of a girl who has learning disabilities and published earlier this week by Harry Potter, highlighted an earlier blog post. They used “cross-gender” instead of “same sexual sex.” 

Rowling tweeted Monday that her hands shake so badly I feel bloody mad. For many decades, I have fought for the dignity and rights of vulnerable children. Yet, I am still shocked by the cruelty and indifference shown to those who are unable to advocate for themselves. After reading this article, I urge anyone feeling the same as me to contact their MP. I will contact my MP and any other person I can who can speak out against this awful show.

Rowling shared an article where Helen’s parents expressed their disbelief. This was followed closely by outrage, and a determination that the policy change be reversed. This refers the school’s intersex policy. It was designed to ensure inclusion for students with disabilities.

Parents wrote that their simple but logical wish that their daughter’s intimate care and menstrual health should be taken over by female staff was at risk. ”

According reports, the school decided to implement the policy after consulting the HR Department and the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) and partner schools. Parents also stated that they used the Local Authority template to create the policy.

This blog post was published in part by Transgender Trends, a website that claims to be composed of parents, academics, and professionals based in the UK. It is concerned about the current trend of diagnosing transgender children (Rapid Ogender Dysphoria or ROGD).

Rowling said on Twitter that Rowling can’t exaggerate the contempt she has for policies that harm very vulnerable girls.

The best-selling author mentions her nonprofit Lumos as a way to help orphaned or institutionalized children find their families.

Progressive pundits have criticised Rowling’s position on transgenderism, particularly as it relates to children’s sports opportunities.

Rowling’s 2020 tweet: “If sex isn’t there, there’s no same-sex attraction.” Rowling’s 2020 tweet: “If sex does not exist, there is no same-sex attraction.”