Rep. Jim Jordan Subpoenas FBI Director Wray and AG Garland Over ‘Parents Are Domestic Terrorists’ Memo

Rep. Jim Jordan (R. Ohio), was the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. He issued his first subpoenas for Attorney General Merrick Grland, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona. It was over a letter sent by Chip Slaven, interim President of the National School Board Association, to Joe Biden, in which he called parents who objected CRT being taught at schools “the equivalent of a form domestic terrorism or hate crimes.”

Five days after the Sept. 29-2021 letter was sent, Attorney General Merrick Garland sent a memo out to all 101 U.S. lawyers stating, in part, that “The Department takes such incidents seriously and is dedicated to using its authority to discourage them, identify them when it occurs, and prosecute them whenever appropriate.” The Department will soon announce a number of measures to combat the increase in criminal behavior directed at school personnel.

Later, it was revealed that Education Secretary Cardona asked that Slaven compose the letter and mail it to the White House. Garland refused to retract the memo.

The FBI and Department of Justice are yet to disclose the steps they took to respond to that letter. The memo was intended to chill dissent and we don’t yet know what action, if any.

The Democrats immediately reacted by accusing Jordan, who was accused of spreading conspiracy theories to attack a DOJ initiative that was short-lived to deal with violent threats, of denying the attempt.

“The conspiracy theories that underlie today’s subpoenas are debunked with facts repeatedly, but Republicans don’t want to be bothered about this unpleasant truth. Del said that there is no limit to the MAGA’s obsession with conspiracies. Stacey Plaskett (V.I. ), is the top Democrat on a Judiciary Subcommittee created by the GOP to investigate the “weaponization” of the federal government.

“Conspiracy theories”? Cardona asked for assistance from the FBI in squelching dissent. AG Garland wrote to the 101 top U.S. law enforcement officers asking them to “facilitate efforts to assist school board silencing objections.”

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Any threats to teachers or school board members could be addressed by local law enforcement. The FBI was only involved in intimidating parents and preventing them from having input about their child’s education. The school boards refused to give their input so the Biden administration sent the FBI after them.

This is not a conspiracy theory.

“Director Wray and other FBI officers have made it clear before Congress and elsewhere that the FBI has never been involved in investigating or policing speech at school board meetings, or any other place, and that we will never be. The agency stated in a statement that its focus was and will always be protecting people from violence and threats to violence.

The FBI was not asked to “police speech.” It simply knew that they were there and that it could chill dissent. This is something that the FBI and its defenders seem to be unaware of.