Blinken Cancels China Trip Over CCP Balloon

The Biden administration has not done much about the Chinese balloon that is soaring its way through the U.S., as we noted earlier today. We did indeed scramble an aircraft, but it seems that our government does not have any plans to bring the thing down at this time. Many members of Congress are furious that nothing has been done.

It turns out that this is not true. We took action. It’s sort of. Antony Blinken, Secretary of State, has canceled a junket trip to China. It has been “indefinitely delayed.” That’ll teach them. As we speak, I am sure that a strong-worded letter will be drafted. Fox News reports that the government has been sitting by its feet since the lawmakers mentioned. As the balloon collects data, or maybe just tests Americans’ reactions to the incursion.

Blinken’s trip was not officially announced. It was ostensibly for Xi Jinping, the Chinese President, to discuss the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and climate and human rights. Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton was among the GOP members calling for the cancellation. Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee demand that Blinken meets with the Chinese. Cotton also asked the same question Americans are asking: “Why hasn’t President Obama secured U.S. Airspace?” To find out the answers, American diplomats are meeting with a Chinese diplomat.

China claimed that this accident occurred and that the craft was a civilian weather balloon, but no one believes that. However, China should have informed the United States about the fact that the craft had lost its course and that it somehow found its way to strategic military locations. The U.S. is entitled to destroy any foreign aircraft entering its airspace. Our government’s incompetence, weakness, or both are evident by the fact that nothing has been done.