Rep. Comer Reveals Trove of Evidence Against Biden Crime Family

The White House said that allegations against the Biden Family are “evidence-free”. ”

There is no doubt about it: the evidence is overwhelming. It’s damning proof.

Comer said that the committee’s investigation focused on President Biden and his family, and their shady dealings that exploited Biden as a public servant and presented a national security threat. This committee is looking into President Biden and his family for their shady dealings that exploited Joe Biden’s position as a public official and put the security of our nation at risk. ”

Comer pointed out that wire transfers took place during Joe Biden’s time as vice president. He gave an example of Biden participating in Romania’s anti-corruption policies while his son and family were collecting money. The Bidens received over $1 million in split payments via wire transfers.

There were also other evidences. Money was also funneled through a company owned by Rob Walker, a Biden associate. Comer said that bank records could prove this. He also stressed that the committee would not engage in witch hunts or deceive the public with empty promises. He made reference to Adam Schiff’s (and other Democrats ).) previous approach.

Comer said he had faith in whistleblowers, and emphasized the importance of subpoenas. “This committee can use subpoenas to obtain information. I do not take it lightly. ”

Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) also spoke, and said that it was important to hold those who are responsible for corruption accountable. The vice president in the office…enriched all of his family members from around the world. “We want to hold all accountable for breaking their oaths.

Comer expressed his concern over the financial transactions made by the Biden family. Comer suggested there was a connection between Joe Biden’s vice-presidency, and the money that his relatives received while Joe Biden was vice president. ”

Comer pointed to contradictions in media claims and the evidence presented. For example, Joe Biden claimed that his family had never taken money from China while he was vice president. But we have proved this false. ”

He was sceptical about Hunter Biden’s ability to convince countries to wire millions into his account and the accounts of eight other members of his family. It is difficult to believe that Hunter Biden, who has a charismatic personality, could persuade other countries to wire millions to his account and the accounts of his eight relatives. “We believe that these countries received a return on their investment in wiring money into the accounts of various Biden family members.

Comer challenged the White House response. He stated that invoices should be provided by legitimate businesses. ”

When asked who in the Biden family benefited from influence peddling schemes, Comer listed: “Joe Biden, Joe Biden, Joe Biden, Joe Biden brother, Joe Biden brother’s sister, Hunter Biden girlfriend, or Beau Biden widow, Hunter Biden ex-wife, and Hunter Biden current spouse. Also, three children of President Obama, the son and brother.

Comer said that the financial arrangement is unusual. He stated, “So we’re dealing a grandchild. “