Driver Plows Into Crowd Near Migrant Shelter, 7 Dead and 11 Injured

A man who crashed his car into a group of pedestrians on Sunday in Brownsville (Texas) killed seven people and injured at least 11.

According to Lt. Martin Sandoval, of the Brownsville Police Department, seven victims were pronounced dead on the spot, and at least eleven others were transported to local hospitals. The driver was arrested and charged but the investigation is ongoing.

The authorities have not released any information on the driver. However, he is receiving medical care at a local hospital under 24-hour supervision. The suspect’s drug and alcohol levels are also being checked.

The incident occurred outside Brownsville’s Ozanam Center. This is a shelter that provides services to migrants and the homeless in Brownsville. The shelter’s relevance to the attack is not clear.

At around 8:30 am on Sunday morning, the victims were waiting for a bus at the city center.

The investigation continues, and so far the driver is only charged with reckless driving. Sandoval said to local media that he expects to file more charges, and that the attack seemed to have been intentional.

According to Valley Central, witnesses near the intersection saw several bodies lying in the street. They also reported seeing a group praying nearby.

This incident occurred less than 24 hours after a gunman shot and killed eight people at a shopping mall in Allen, Texas. The gunman was shot by police but they have not yet identified him.