Raphael Warnock And Herschel Walker Are Effectively Tied In Georgia Senate Runoff

According to the first poll, the Republican challenger Herschel and Raphael Warnock are effectively tied in Georgia’s Senate race.

New Impact and FabrizioWard conducted a poll of 500 likely voters for the AARP. Warnock garnered 51% support while Walker received 47%. The poll was conducted between Nov. 11-17 and had a margin error of 4.4%. Independent voters voted for Warnock by 54% to 39%.

Georgia law requires that a runoff be held if there is no candidate who receives more than 50% of the general election vote. Warnock was supported by 49.2% of voters in the Nov. 8, general election. Walker received 48.7%. Chase Oliver, a Libertarian Party candidate, received 2.1% support.

Walker’s win would result in a 50-50 split of the Senate, which would force Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell into a new power-sharing agreement. If Warnock wins, Democrats would have clear control over the upper chamber as well as majorities in all committees. Republican Georgia Governor. Brian Kemp donated the McConnell-aligned Senate Leadership Fund donor and registered voter lists to McConnell. SLF has committed at least $2million to get-out-the vote efforts

Stacey Abrams, a two-time unsuccessful Democratic gubernatorial hopeful, is helping Warnock with voter turningout efforts. Former President Barack Obama will also be attending a rally for Warnock on Dec. 1. According to reports, former President Donald Trump expressed interest in running for Walker. According to Politico, however, some Georgia Republicans think he would harm the chances of the challenger in the race.

Walker has been plagued by allegations that Walker encouraged at least two mistresses have abortions. Warnock’s church is accused of violating Georgia non profit law while operating an apartment complex for low-income residents. Both men were accused of domestic violence towards their ex-wives.