Anthony Fauci Claims The Real Danger Will Be Among The Unvaccinated This Winter

Dr. Anthony Fauci raised alarm again, warning that the real danger lies in people who haven’t been vaccinated against the winter’s pandemic.

Fauci spoke at the White House’s final press conference before he was forced to resign from his post as Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Fauci is Chief of the NIAID Lab for Immunoregulation as well as Chief medical Adviser to Joe Biden. He advocated for testing and vaccination, and claimed that Americans who have not been vaccinated are a threat to the country.

People who are not vaccinated are at greatest risk. He stated that 32 percent of those who are not vaccinated have been reported.

These numbers are consistent with the September survey by The Economist/YouGov which revealed that 3 of 10 Americans hadn’t received a coronavirus vaccination. Fauci did not mention the increasing number of vaccine-related complications.

Fauci stated that there was a significant difference in the vaccination rates of people who have not had their shots and those who have.

He said in part:

Anyone concerned about a pandemic should get vaccinated.

Biden claimed that vaccined persons couldn’t spread this virus. Later, the virus would infect twice-vaccinated presidential candidates.

Fauci urges Americans to have coronavirus testing done before the holiday season.

He ended his last briefing with a bang. Karine Jean Pierre was the White House press secretary and told reporters not ask Fauci about the origins the Chinese coronavirus.