Failed Republican Candidate Accused of Raping Woman in a Bar Bathroom After Losing Race to His Own Mother

The last few weeks have been turbulent for the unsuccessful Republican candidate for South Dakota’s state House seat. He lost the midterm election to his mother and is now being accused of viciously abusing a woman in a bar.

Bud Marty May (37), was taken into custody at an unidentified Bar in Box Elder, South Dakota. He was charged with second-degree sexual assault. Court documents state that May used force, coercion, or threats of great bodily injury to rape a woman in a toilet stall. According to the report, he also raped her “multiple times.”

According to police, the victim was found covered in blood, dirt, and abrasion when officers arrived at the scene. They later discovered that she was also covered with blood. She claimed that May was involved in an altercation that night. She claimed that May had told her at one point during the sexual assault that she was 6’8″ tall and white. It was all consensual.

According to police, May fled the scene at first. When police finally met him, they found a bloody face and other signs that May had been in a struggle. This seems to support some of the woman’s claims. He said that he was just hugging the woman when police asked him about the rape allegations.

A judge ordered May to stay away from the victim and set May’s bail at $7,500 in a hearing that took place on November 15. May is due to return to court on November 30. If convicted, May could face up to 50 years imprisonment and a $50,000 penalty.

May also appear in court on November 14, regarding another charge related to driving with no insurance and with an expired license. There are three warrants pending against May from the Oglala Sioux Tribe Department of Public Safety. Officials said that they were issued prior to the November 8 election, although their nature is not known.

May, a Kyle, South Dakota resident, ran this election cycle for one of the two seats in the state House of Representatives from District 27, which includes Bennett, Jackson, and Oglala Lakota Counties. For the two seats, May was challenged by three others — including Elizabeth May, a Republican incumbent — Bud May was last in the four-way race. His mother, along with Democrat Peri Pourier, retained their seats. May was two votes ahead of Norma Rendon, third place finisher.