Decorated Veteran Who Served 4 Combat Tours Helps Subdue Suspect in Deadly Club Q Shooting

Ex-soldier used U.S. Army training in order to subdue the suspect during the shooting at Colorado Springs’ gay club over the weekend. This may have saved “dozens and dozens of lives.”

Richard Fierro (45), was visiting Colorado Springs with Kassy and Raymond Green Vance (45). They were visiting Colorado Springs to celebrate a friend’s 50th birthday.

Fierro immediately identified the threat and “went into battle mode,” he stated.

Later, Fierro told reporters, “He didn’t know what he did. He had just entered combat mode.”

“It’s just a reflex.”

Fierro’s testimony and those of other witnesses indicate that Fierro attempted to stop the shooting. Fierro grabbed his armor and reached for the second gun.

“He was in armor plates, so I started hitting him wherever there was skin,” Fierro recalled. “The back of his head was my target.”

Fierro then trapped the suspect against a stairway, and a drag queen kicked the shooter with high heels.

Matthew Haynes was the owner of a club and gave credit to Fierro for saving “dozens and dozens” of lives.

Thomas James, another club member, was reportedly involved in the subduing and disarming of the suspect. His role in the disarming and subduing of the suspect is unknown.

Fierro stated that his main motive was to protect his friends and family. Fierro also told the suspect his thoughts about him.

I told him I was hitting him, and he replied, “I’m going kill you, man. Because you tried killing our friends. Fierro wept through tears, “My family was there.”

Fierro was unable to protect all of them. Reports indicate that Kassy sustained a non-shooting injury.

Aldrich was also hurt that evening and was treated at a local medical facility. He is currently facing five counts of murder. Five counts of causing injury through committing a biased motived offense are also against him. The Hill, states that these charges could change before his first court appearance.

Fierro served over a decade in the Army. Fierro started in the Army as a field artillery officer in 1999. He was promoted to major in 2013. He was awarded two Bronze Stars and a Combat Action Badge while in the Army.

“If you actually do this stuff, it’s in you. I was proud to be a soldier,” Fierro stated.

“I’m an officer, and that’s what we do. I took control of the scene as best I could.”

Now as a civilian, Fierro and his wife own a local brewery called Atrevida Beer Company. The family, who all identity as heterosexual, proudly support the LGBTQ and pride movements.

“I love every one of them,” said Fierro. “That community, I love. I have nothing but love. I have nothing but love for everybody.”