Queens Business Owners Remember What AOC Did To Them

    Almost two years ago, Amazon pulled out of a massive proposal to build a headquarters along the Queens waterfront in Long Island City. The proposal included a 25,000 job-producing campus and was expected to generate $27 billion in tax money for the city and state over the next 25 years.

    Far-left politicians have done everything they can to drive businesses, like Amazon, away from building new headquarters, costing their communities thousands of jobs and dollars.

    The headquarters would also bring economic opportunity to an area that is practically an eyesore. Business owners were counting on Amazon to bring a financial boost to the community, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    Ferocious opposition from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and state Sen. Mike Gianaris eventually led Amazon to scratch their plans. The congresswoman then bragged on Twitter about “defeating” Amazon’s corporate greed and the power of the richest man in the world. She argued that a company as “rich as Amazon” shouldn’t be receiving $3 billion in state and city subsidies to open a new location. Gianaris also accused Amazon of increasing the wealth concentration in the country and vowed that Amazon was not bigger than New York.

    A handful of Democrats, including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, criticized the two elected officials after Amazon had pulled the plug. He suggested that they need to be held accountable for putting their own narrow political interests above their community – which poll after poll showed overwhelming support in bringing Amazon to Queens.

    “The site just sits there empty. It’s terrible. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. People say, ‘If we only had Amazon.’ We got nothing,” said Donna Drimer, owner of the Matted LIC art gallery and gift store.

    Restaurant owner Steve Logiudice called it “heartbreaking” that there will be less foot traffic in the area. He said their business depends on foot traffic and locals, as well as construction workers and business workers. Other owners called it a nightmare that the radical left politicians don’t think about their community or the people who voted them in.

    “I’m angry at the stupidity. Everybody fears AOC, who has no idea what she’s doing. Opposing Amazon benefited other communities. Imagine if AOC did something positive with her big mouth,” said Gianna Cerbone, owner of a local restaurant. She said the far-left politicians were completely “delusional” and have ruined western Queens.

    It’s time to elect officials who truly have the citizens best interest at heart. Government does not create jobs, businesses create jobs. Just thank the Democrats for all of this. AOC is selling sweatshirts for $58 online and seems to be doing well herself. She just wants to take everyone else’s job.