Proof The Dems Want Mob Rule

A new bill has been introduced by Sen. Kelly Loeffler to amend the Communications Decency Act so that tech companies that restrict constitutionally protected speech may not retain liability protections. When there is unlawful content on a platform (like posts engaging in trafficking or terrorism) big tech companies are usually shielded from liability. 

This new bill would allow users of the internet to challenge those protections if the platforms censor their free speech. That would also make big tech companies elaborate on the practices and procedures they use to censor content and explain to users why particular content is taken down. This would also shed some light under the democratic leadership schemes drowning the internet right now.

Loeffle has also introduced legislation that would withhold federal highway funding from states and local governments that reduce funding to law enforcement without a clear budgetary need amid the “defund the police” push from the liberals. She said not having police officers would hurt all communities and that this is the exact vision the Democrats have for the country. Strengthening law enforcement is the only way to root out the bad apples. 

“We cannot allow mob rule,” Loeffler told America’s Newsroom in response to growing calls on defunding police departments following the death of George Floyd last month. She made this comment right before the Senate planned to hold its first police reform legislation which held more officers accountable with an enhanced use-of-force database, pursue restrictions on chokeholds, and create new commissions to study law enforcement and race.

The Democrats just want to have a move on defunding and dismantling law enforcement which means that mob rule will take place. Many have spoken out that what is happening in larger Dem-run cities is completely unacceptable and that we must stand strong with law enforcement if we want to change things.