Not The First Time This Boy Cried Wolf

You can never win. A man who was shot earlier Saturday morning at the CHOP in Seattle last weekend is now blaming the police for not responding quickly enough. His name was DeJuan Young. He was shot shortly after Lorenzo Anderson was shot and killed in CHOP. Young said he heard the first shooting and decided to leave the area when he was shot outside the zone.

DeJuan Young claims the shooting to be motivated by racism as he was intercepted by a group of men using racial slurs. He says the force of the bullet shot in his arm was so great it pushed him on the hood of a car, in which they then stood over him and continued to fire. Young now wants to sue the police for not responding fast enough to the “autonomous zone” where they have up barricades barring the police from entering. 

Talk about living in a satire. This is all a typical Marxist political movement for the Dems to topple Trump and then destroy America. The double standards are becoming too unreal to bear. Nobody forced this man to enter CHAZ. If anything, maybe he should sue the mayor for not giving the full pleasure of her “summer of love” promise and allowing criminals to take Seattle’s downtown area hostage. 

Young had posted a TikTok video saying he had been shot at CHAZ but did not mention anything racial. He claimed to need “money” to get his story out there and blames the police for “leaving him out there to die.” He was taken to the hospital by CHOP ‘medics.’ EMS is likely not going to be entering a cop-free zone and expose themselves to people with known violence tendencies anytime soon. That is either a suicide mission or putting a target on your head to walk into a self-proclaimed anarchic collective.

When people criticized him for being a CHOP supporter and complaining about not having a police response, he then said he was shot “just outside the zone.” He still believes the police to be responsible for this despite the fact he supports defunding the police. He now has a GoFundMe asking for $10,000 and this isn’t the first GoFundMe he’s had up for injuries. He had a prior GoFundMe in 2018 where he described “being in the wrong place at the wrong time” when he had to get a bullet near his spine removed and was asking for money to cover medical injuries. 

The police have not yet weighed in on what Young has said to them about the matter, but it’s pretty hard to blame the police here when you want them gone.