Kentucky’s Summer Of Love

Recently, protests had set up something of a mini “autonomous zone” in Louisville, Kentucky with a bunch of tents set up in Jefferson Square Park to protest over the police shooting death of Breonna Taylor. Sound a bit like Seattle to you?

Protesters in the zone have made it clear that they will move until the officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s death are fired and prosecuted. The mayor allowed it as long as it remained “peaceful,” as there were prior problems and arrests associated with protesters in the area. This also sounds the same as Seattle’s Mayor calling her zone the “summer of love.” Well, that all changed quickly…

Someone opened fire on people in the park. One person was killed, another was injured. The man killed was Tyler Gerth, 27, and a woman victim was hit across the street, alive but wounded.

In a video, protesters ran for cover in the Kentucky park as shots were fired over the demonstration. Liberals jumped up pretty quick to claim it was a “white supremacist” that had fired on the group, not waiting for any of the facts. 

Turns out, it was another protestor. The shooter had been wounded in the incident and was in custody at the hospital. The shooter was a man who had been participating in the protest since they began and was arrested a couple of times over the past several weeks due to disruptive behavior. In addition to this, multiple people in the park were armed at the time of the incident and homicide investigators are still working to identify all of the parties who may have fired during the time.

Protesters on the ground had identified the shooter as a homeless man named Steven Lopez. They charged him with Gerth’s death, but have not yet charged him to the woman still wounded. 

Because of this, the city has cleared away the tents and autonomous zone as a matter of safety and has forbidden any more tents or protests camping out at night. There had been an increasing amount of dangerous behavior including fistfights, number of weapons, and now the shooting. 

“But yet, we wanted to balance the First Amendment exercise of free speech, the need to come together, while at the same time understanding that ordinances were in place for a reason, and it was particularly to help protect public safety,” Louisville Chief of Public Services Amy Hess said.

Too bad they didn’t stop it until there was a shooting…just like Seattle’s CHOP, they had the warning signs but flat out ignored them. Can’t wait for the liberal-washed stories on how he was able to get the gun and because of the gun he was driven towards this act.