President Trump Awards Medal Of Freedom

    By uncovering one of the greatest crimes of the century, Rep. Devin Nunes of California was presented with one of the highest honors in the United States as a civilian during a private ceremony at the White House. President Trump gave Nunes the Presidential Medal of Freedom after investigating into the 2016 Russian election interference and the 2019 House’s impeachment inquiry.

    “Devin Nunes’ courageous actions helped thwart a plot to take down a sitting United States president. Congressman Devin Nunes is a public servant of unmatched talent, unassailable integrity, and unwavering resolve. He uncovered the greatest scandal in American history,” the White House wrote.

    Nunes was the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and has been a vocal critic in claiming federal surveillance abuse by the Department of Justice and the FBI under the Obama-Biden administration back in 2018.

    The congressman had written a controversial memo and brought documents into light that proved corrupt FBI officials were pursuing a vengeful persecution of General Michael Flynn – and without any evidence. He took on the mainstream media, FBI, Intelligence Community, Democrat Party, and foreign spies, who spent four years targeting and abusing President Trump and his administration. He helped unmask several spies and link together people who were working in Congress for political gain.

    In the award announcement, the White House talked about the price Nunes paid for his courage. His investigations into the truth resulted in two dozen members of his family receiving threatening phone calls – including his 98-year-old grandmother. He was smeared for eight months in the media as an unethical conservative and the radical left did everything in their power to destroy his credibility as a congressman.

    President Trump had previously talked about awarding the medal to Nunes in an October 2018 interview on “Fox & Friends.” This was proposed based on his acts of bravery after serving as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. “What he’s gone through, and his bravery, he should get a very important medal,” President Trump said.

    Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio is another Republican expected to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. As the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, Jordan has helped unmask several members of the Obama administration who were abusing their powers to spy on the Trump Administration. He also led the team of GOP lawmakers who defended the President during impeachment trials.

    There has been too much power granted to the FBI and the radical left knows that. Congressmen like Nunes and Jordan have been here to expose the hidden links between everything that is corrupt and the Democrat Party. Liberals will find a way to denounce Nune’s award but the American people know the truth now.