Kamala Harris’ Plagiarized MLK Childhood Story

    Vice president-elect Kamala Harris is notoriously known for her tales of plagiarism and comparing all aspects of her childhood to the iconic civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Over the years, we’ve seen her sharing the same story about tumbling out of a stroller during a political demonstration and demanding “freedom.”

    The story was first pulled from a 1965 Playboy interview with MLK Jr. He talked about a moment in Birmingham, Alabama, when a white policeman had accosted a little African American girl who was walking in a demonstration with her mother. He had asked her gruffly “What do you want?” and the little girl looked him straight in the eye and answered “Fee-dom.”

    MLK Jr. said the little girl couldn’t even pronounce the word properly but recalled it being a beautiful moment. He said that he always found himself in sorely trying situations recalling the memory of that little one and that it has buoyed him since. We heard a story of similar tones in Harris’ 2010 book “Smart on Crime.”

    “My mother used to laugh when she told the story about a time I was fussing as a toddler: She leaned down to me and asked, ‘Kamala, what’s wrong? What do you want?’ And I wailed back, ‘Fweedom,’” the book reads.

    Harris detailed moments of her younger life again in her 2019 book “The Truths We Hold: An American Journey” and shared it multiple times during on-camera interviews and during book tours.

    One of her most recent times recalling the story was on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon where she went into detail about demanding freedom while in a stroller at a civil rights march. “Oh c’mon!” Jimmy Fallon exclaimed in response.

    The story resurfaced a final time in Elle magazine’s October issue during an interview with Harris. Writer Ashley C. Ford started the piece by talking about a baby Kamala sitting in a stroller in Oakland, California, during a civil rights march with no straps with her parents. She fell out of the stroller and kept on marching.

    Reporters and journalists began spotting the similarities after the issue was published, including GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest. “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are two plagiarizing frauds. Biden plagiarized during law school and from RFK, Hubert Humphrey, JFK, and he stole the family history of a British politician. Now Kamala Harris plagiarized from MLK,” Guest tweeted.

    The Biden transition team and a spokesperson for Harris did not comment on the uncanny similarities between the two stories, though Washington Examiner editor Seth Mandel pointed out that plagiarizing an MLK interview seems like something the cancel culture would get caught on.

    The mainstream media remains radio-silent on the story and the radical left has brushed this off to the side as usual. Americans who have ignored the fraudulent pitched stories from the radical left are in for a very rude reality check when or if Biden & Harris are actually inaugurated. People may not favor President Trump, but at least he doesn’t steal stories from Martin Luther King Jr. and falsify his own childhood for political gain.