Poll Shows Voters Disapprove of Transgender Athletes Competing in Women’s Sports

The vast majority of American voters believe that Joe Biden’s reinterpretation of Title IX, which allowed biological men to play women’s sports, has had negative consequences on women’s sports.

According to the poll, which was conducted by Summit.org in partnership with McLaughlin and Associates, 60% of voters say it’s been harmful to women’s sports, while 18% say it’s been helpful. When 22% of respondents without an opinion aren’t included, 77% of voters find allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports to be harmful, and only 23% say it’s helpful.

The government and corporate elites are trying to get both sides of the story. However, they don’t define what a woman looks like. They also promote policies that harm women,” said Dr. Jeff Myers, Summit.org coauthor of the new eBook Exposing the Gender Lie. How to protect children and teens from the false ideology of the transgender industry.

Voters across all demographics had at least a plurality of respondents say that letting biological males play women’s sports was harmful, including Democrats and Biden voters.